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“A Conceptual Study about Awareness of Government Subsidies & Schemes (Central & State) In Valsad"

Industry Interaction: Manish Rai from marketing Specialization of Laxmi Institute of Management have worked on the aforementioned project title. The main objective of the study was to gather information on awareness level of industrialists on government subsidies and schemes.

Project Learning Outcome:

Based on study conducted it is revealed that entrepreneurs are unaware of Subsidies on manufacturing units provided by state & central govt. to start and expand MSME units. They are also unaware of Schemes on Interest Subsidy for Women Entrepreneurs & various other Schemes for MSME etc. In spite of the Government initiatives, only a few entrepreneurs are benefited. To increase the number of beneficiaries, the state Government has to adopt a constant monitoring system.

Further, educational institutions and social clubs should extend necessary support to Government officials for creating awareness among women entrepreneurs.

The survey shows that 16% of respondents are aware of subsidy given to manufacturing unit by state & central government & 84% are unaware of it.

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