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Learning Outcome Component: Social Responsiveness and Ethics (SRE), Effective Communication (EC), Leadership and Teamwork (LT)

Learning Outcome (Learner will be able to): Demonstrate the ability to prepare and deliver effective presentations and pitches to BBA and BCA students, Assess personal communication skills

Overview of the Activity: A Career Guidance Workshop was conducted by Prof. Rinal U. Soni at Shrinathji BBA and BCA College, Daman on 16th March 2021. In this session, valuable information were imparted about MBA in finance, marketing and HR. Moreover, academic activity and Quiz was conducted.

Four Students named Chital Desai, Pragati Prajapati, Pooja Patel and Megha Kamli went along with prof. Rinal Soni, as their Graduation College was Shrinathji College. Not only this they are studying MBA in LIM at present. Furthermore, the trustee and whole shrinathji family were pleased as well as felt proud to see their alumni for coming as Presenters.

The Objective of the workshop was as follows:

· To make them aware about MBA and its various specializations

· To describe teaching pedagogy at Laxmi Institute of Management

· To explain the career opportunities in future after MBA

In the workshop the students of Shrinathji College were very active regarding asking MBA related questions. All of the questions were properly answered like which exam to be given before taking admission in MBA, how many percentages are required, availability of their desired specialization and from admission to placement processes.

In addition to this Activities were being conducted like:

· Business games on communication and coordination traits

· Academic quiz for team work trait

After activities, the certificates were being distributed to all the students for great performance as well as for participating in both the activities. At the end of this section, the database was collected of students, for instance, name, mail IDs, and contact number for providing Future MBA related updations.

As a learning outcome all the under graduate students were eager to pursue MBA in future and students of LIM developed a skill how to present and communicate in other colleges.

The workshop ended with the group photo with the staff and students of Shrinathji College along with their awarded certificates. It was a great informative session Full of learning activities and academic lessons.

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