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“A Study on Exit Interviews in relation to Employee Retention Strategy” at Sanathan Textiles Pvt Ltd

Industry Interaction: Mr. Samir Kumar, SY MBA, successfully completed a study on Exit Interviews in relation to Employee Retention Strategy at Sanathan Textiles Private limited, Surangi, and Silvassa. The main objectives of the study were to study the Exit Interview findings to ascertain the exact reasons for employee attrition and to recommend measures to improve retention of Employees.

Project learning outcome:

People are the most precious asset of any Organization. In order to ace your competitors, it is inevitable to retain your best resources and never to lose them to competitors or to any other Organization. In order to be able to effectively retain your best employees, it is critical to first know the reasons as to why your best employees may leave and to be proactively taking the right measures to retain employees. M/s Sanathan Textiles private Limited has already acted on some of the findings and has been able to retain employees better in the past few months. M/s STPL has fought the war of Covid 19 Pandemic from the forefront and not only run all its manufacturing plants during the pandemic but also shared the gains with workers and staff by declaring Increments to employees during the peak pandemic year of 2020. All such measures have struck the right note among employees and enhanced the level of trust with Management resulting in better retention and increase in production and productivity in the Plant.

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