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Activity based Learning in Economics for Managers

MBA: 1st Semester. Academic Year: 2020-21

Subject Name: Economics for managers (EFM) Subject Code: 4519202


Learning Outcome Component: Brief understanding of an EFM topic

Learning Outcome (Learner will be able to): Understand and remember the allotted topic by making a model and writing main components of the Price Elasticity on it.

Overview of the Activity: Ms Rinal Soni – Assistant Professor of Laxmi Institute of Management, Sarigam made future budding managers perform a task on making a creating model. Different topics were allotted to all the students and even they were given opportunity to select a topic as per their convenience.

Learning Outcomes:

· FY MBA students have acquired practical knowledge about the ability to create something creating using innovative ideas.

· They obtained information about their various types of elasticity in unique way. “Learing in a fun way”

· They acquired new insight of hoe to remember any topic by presenting it well on any chart paper or object to make learning interesting

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