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Corporate Training on Fire Equipment Management

Overview of the Training:

Ms. Rinal U. Soni, Assistant professor at MBA department conducted a training program at KKCL (Kewal Kiran Clothing limited) company on 13th march 2021. The topic of the training was “Fire safety equipment management”. Prof. Rinal soni goes to KKCL as an HR trainee as well as HR trainer.

Following points were presented during the training:

· Who is responsible to provide the fire safety training to the employees and workers

· Which equipments are used to control the fire and how to operate them

· The entire process for before- during and after fire incidents

· Short and full forms of the essential key words used in processes

· Feedback and suggestions from the workers and employees regarding training.

The Objectives of this corporate training were:

· To Learn the updated HR practices conducted in the corporate

· To improve the teaching quality through institute-industry interaction

· To impart the knowledge to the students of LIM about corporate HR functions

In addition to this Activities were being conducted like:

· Sharing real life experience to others regarding fire incidents

· Discussed what should be the new solution to control the fire

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