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Employee Adjustment for Well-Being in the Era of Covid-19: Implications for Human Resource

Industry Interaction : Ankita Vaghdada and Saraswati Vartha SY MBA future HR professionals have successfully completed A Study of Employee Adjustment for Well-Being In The Era of Covid-19 : Implications For Human Resources Management at Alok Industry LTD ,SAYLI , Silvassa .The main objectives of the study were to know COVID ERA impact on employee turnover and retention , well being activities were conducted for employees in this pandemic, implementation of change management process.

Project learning outcome:

The working environment is positive in the organization because Alok had taken good care of its employees during the period of lockdown. Employees were ensured about their security of their job, regular payment of the wages and salary without any deduction pumped up the confidence and loyalty of the employees in the organization. This boosted the confidence and loyalty of its workers and staffs. Now post pandemic business of Alok Industries is growing multi-fold, new product are launched in the domestic and international market. Increase in market size is has positive impact on employability as well. In this competitive market Alok Industries is maintaining their position and reputation.

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