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Industry 4.0

Following should be the future roles of HR culture:

· Integration between Individual goals and Organizational Goals

· Human resource management system linked processes

· Creative as well as innovative working style

· Digital transformation from manual work

· Handling diversified workforce

· Quick adaption to changing circumstances

· Trending welfare activities

· Favorable Financial and Non-financial incentives

· Generate feeling of 2nd happy home at workplace

There should be integration between organizational and employees goals because if the individual person is happy with their job then they become more productive in the workplace. HR process must be done on digital basis where all manual work should be transformed into digital work. Moreover, there should be creativity and innovativeness in the working style to avoid monotonous routine tasks. Not only this, there should be diversified workforce in the organization to utilize new ideas and solutions to any critical incident. To conclude, employees must feel satisfied and happy at work place that makes them feel like home happiness.

Prof. Rinal Umeshbhai Soni

(Assistant Professor- Laxmi Institute of Management,Sarigam)

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