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PROJECT TITLE–“A Study of Health and Safety Measures: A study of selected employees in Gujarat Themi

INDUSTRY INTERACTIONMrs Arpita Banerjee, SYMBA, successfully completed a study on health and safety measures at GTBL, Vapi.The main objectives of the study were to ascertain the health and safety measures adopted in GTBL and to study the awareness of the workers about health and safety and to find the role of management in implementing health and safety.

PROJECT LEARNING OUTCOME - It goes without saying that the safer the work environment, the more productive it is. Productive employees are an asset to all companies. For instance, productive employees can produce more output in less time, reducing operational costs for a company. Workplace safety promotes the wellness of employees and employers alike. Better safety equates to better health. Healthier employees do tasks more efficiently and they are happier in general. There are very few accidents in a safe working environment. This results in less downtime for safety investigations and reduces costs for worker’s compensation. This also reduces the time needed for employees to heal from injuries .Damage to industrial equipment creates costs for replacement and repair. Avoiding workplace injuries and damage to industrial equipment will incur fewer expenses and increase profit. If employers are concerned about the safety of their employees, the employees are more confident and comfortable in general. Also, absenteeism rates drop and employees are more focused on doing their tasks.

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