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PROJECT TITLE–“A Study on impact of HR Practices on Employees Performance At TCPL Packaging, Ltd,

INDUSTRY INTERACTIONMr Saurav Mandal, SY MBA, successfully completed a study on impact of HR Practices on Employees Performance at TCPL Packaging, Ltd, Silvassa. The main objectives of the study were, to determine the status of human resource practices and policy in packaging company. In order to materialize this objective, the following specific objectives were considered, to evaluate the linkage between HR practices and employees performance. (KRA& KPA), to find out the impact of HRM Practices (performance appraisal, training and development, career development, work life balance, compensation) on employees performance.


HR practices involve the strategic operations of HR. They form the foundation and guidance

for managing the company's employees and should coordinate with the executive business plan. They cover everything from how the business recruits its staff through to ensuring employees are clear about procedures, expectations and rules, are how managers can go about resolving issues if they arise. The study supports the research problem as there is a significant relation of employee’s performance with HRM practice including Recruitment & Selection, Training & Development, Performance Appraisal, Career development, Compensation, Rewards. HRM practices heavily affect productivity of the organization and it is now commonly accepted that employees create an important source of competitive advantage for firms.

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