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Project title: “Problem faced by the CA professionals while filling the GST return”.

Industry Interaction:

Mahesh bhangi, Dhwani Raut,Naitik Rathod and Vicky Halpati of Laxmi Institute of Management have worked on problems faced by CA professionals while filing GST return project title.

Project Learning Outcome:

Based on study conducted on GST return filing it has been concluded that CA professionals faced many problems regarding the GST filing like,

· Problem regarding HSN code

· Problem regarding data changes

· Problem regarding GST site

· Problem of missing bill series

· Problem of bill amendment

· Lack of response by client

· Problem regarding matching ITC entries between your purchase register

· Problem regarding data format

· Any common problems

And given suggestions to these problems are:

HSN Code Errors Solution

  • ·HSN of any Goods/Service is for the most part significant yet isn't recognized on the GST Portal, e-receipt Portal, or e-way Bill Portal, assuming no one really minds, raise a pass to the GST Self-Service Portal: > a Problem > In the 'Sort of Issue/Concern' search box, type 'HSN' > Choose a fitting sub-grouping, for instance, 'e-Invoice - IRP - HSN Code related.'

  • Inhabitants should check their HSN code utilizing the GSTN's Search HSN office on the GST entrance, as well as the HSN code catalos open in Excel plan.

GST site Solution

  • Government can improve the site or portal load problems with they can maintain the site time to time, update new feature on portal.

  • User can call to the GST portal call centre to solve their problem.

GST data change problem

  • Do have proper communication with client while filling GST return of the client,

  • Client should provide correct and current data to CA, while filling their GST return.

  • Data like, debit note, credit note, E-way bill, export invoice.

Missing bill series

  • Should take proper information from client regarding bill series.

  • Client should give current information regarding the cancellation of the bills so that CA can upload proper bill series on GST portal at the time of filling.

  • The client should response to their CA firm so that can upload proper Bill series on GST portal on time.

  • The client should provide those Bill which are operating to their business only, ineligible Bill are not required to CA for return filing.

Problems regarding the Bill Amendments:

  • If there are any problems regarding Date change, Amount change, Bill series it can be change only after one month on portal so, client should provide proper information of the bill to avoid this problem.

  • If there is any change in party’s name on the bill, the client should inform their CA, so the proper bills can be uploaded to the GST portal.

Lack of responses client:

  • The CA should have proper communication with their clients regarding any bill and documents.

  • The client should provide proper documents to their CA firm while registration of new GST number so that this problem cannot be raised.

  • The CA can charge some extra fee to their client if they are not reposing quickly so, that can provide information on time.

Data format problems in GST

  • CA can use various software to format the data.

  • Direct communication with the client in terms of any complication.

Software like:

  • Easy GST

  • Clear Tax Tally Prime

  • QuickBooks

  • Reach GST

Common problems

  • CA should also check the new amendments in GST rules and regulations.

  • CA should also check the GST Returns date time to time.

  • CA must propre communication with their clients regarding any bill and documents

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