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Project Title: “The study on Expansion of store and Inventory management”


Mr. Piyush Singh, Mr. AdarshMishra,Mr.kiran sonawane,Mr. RahulSingh Chauhan andMr. Himanshuwadikar successfully completed a study on Expansion of store and Inventory management at overt enterprise in sarigam. the main objective of the study was, to gain insight of the inventory activity carried out in the store and Identification of space management issues at overt and providing a feasible solution to the same.

Project learning outcome-: During the study of the project

  • We would conclude that they have to offer distinctive products, provide exceptional services or compel the loyalty of high-purchase, multi-trip-shoppers with customized programs & rewards.

  • We would conclude the retail store provides a variety of facilities to staff members and their customers.

  • The staff members are very co-operative.

  • The management of inventories is an essential part of any company. With an active inventory management system in place, the organization can significantly reduce its various costs such as cost of warehousing, cost of transporting inventory, etc. This strengthens the company's supply chain. Store Managers should forecast the level of production they need to place for new stock orders. Organizations should therefore take all the measures necessary to maintain an effective system of inventory management and control.

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