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Webinar was held By Prof. Rinal U. Soni on 18-08-2021 on online platform on population explosion for the students of 11th and 12th commerce, Katargam . The following contents were discussed in the webinar such as Introduction, Causes, Impacts and Solutions for population explosion.

Moreover following Learning were imparted in the webinar:

The explosion of a species population can throw an ecosystem out of equilibrium. In the case of the human population, explosive growth can have far-reaching environmental and economic impacts.

· Causes of Population Explosion:

1. High Birth Rate

2. Low Death Rate

3. Early Marriage

4. Social and Religious reasons

5. Poverty

6. Standard of living

7. Illiteracy

· Effects of Population Explosion:

1. Problem of Investment Requirement

2. Problem of Capital Formation

3. Effect on per Capita Income

4. Effect on Food Problem

5. Problem of Unemployment

6. Low Standard of Living

7. Poverty

8. Burden of Unproductive Consumers

9. Population and Social Problems

10. More Pressure on Land:

· 5 possible solutions to overpopulation:

1. Empower women

2. Promote family planning

3. Make education entertaining

4. One-child legislation

5. Government incentives

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